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"The workshops we attended really helped us to figure out which direction to take our business in. They helped us to create a future plan and to develop our branding and marketing strategy. We would highly recommend attending" 
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Our events have now come to an end. To view our past events, please browse the listings below.

Sensory & Buying Behaviours 13/03/2019

Workshop - Malton

In this workshop, we will look into the fascinating topic that explores buying behaviours and the ways in which our senses are influenced. Expect talks from Robin Norton at Grasp, who will be discussing buying choices and shopping behaviours, as well as two students from Sheffield, who specialise in work on sensory science. The knowledge you will gain will help your business understand how to encourage buying behaviours and enhance your customer's shopping experience.

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Labelling Advice & HACCP Planning 21/02/19

Workshop - Leeds

Write and understand your own HACCP Plan & get expert advice on labelling correctly and safely. Please note we have very limited spaces available for this workshop. Please sign up ASAP to secure a place.

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Packaging 12/09/2018

Workshop - York

This session will be a packaging ‘surgery’ delivered by Steve Jackson from JPC and Professor Graham Bonwick from Fera.  We will be starting the session by talking about the principles of using packaging as the final opportunity for marketing your product, as well as the requirements on nutritional labelling.  This will then be followed by an interactive packaging ‘surgery’ where Steve will address specific questions/concerns on packaging of your own products.  Please therefore be prepared to let us know a week in advance what your specific issues are, and to share your case studies with the rest of the group.

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Packaging - Sustainability & Shelf Life 19/07/18

Workshop - York

This packaging session, delivered by Steve Jackson from JPC, will be a mix of a short seminar followed by an interactive workshop, covering sustainability, recyclability and compostability, and the environmental impact of your product.

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Trading Standards 30/01/2018

Workshop - York

This workshop, delivered by York Trading Standards, will help your business understand and meet its legal requirements, and prevent mistakes being made before they happen.

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