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Sharmini's Inspirational Cuisine

The Story
Sharmini Thomas is a well-known cookery teacher, presenter and cookery judge in the York area. Following her passion for Indian cookery, and the recipes handed down to her from her parents, Sharmini set up a cookery school in York. Sharmini offers cookery classes and corporate cookery days. However, she wanted to expand the business and begin producing spices to sell at her classes and eventually online. Sharmini also wanted to sell her spices to restaurants.

Sharmini signed up to the SIAFS project in the summer of 2017 and was interested in both the voucher scheme and the workshops. Sharmini attended the Developing Your Food Brand workshop which helped her to develop a clearer brand strategy for her business, and helped her to think about what her spices would be presented as.

Sharmini also applied for a fully funded voucher of £5000 to use at Fera Science Ltd. Fera tested her Garam Masala for pesticides and illegal dyes and, having passed the testing, the Garam Masala is now UKAS quality accredited.

Business Development
Sharmini launched her Garam Masala at the York Food & Drink Festival in September 2017, where she received great reviews. She is now developing more spices and plans to start selling ready-boxed spices as gifts.

Sharmini says “Thank you SIAFS for such prompt funding to enable testing, which helped me launch my product at the York Food Festival. Thank you to Nikki at Fera and Heather at Make It York for all the support and helping to make my dream a reality!”

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