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6 Months Left of SIAFS! 19/09/2018


The SIAFS project will sadly come to an end in March 2019. This means that you only have 6 months left to attend free workshops. SIAFS is a fantastic project and a great opportunity for any business to receive support for FREE! This is not something to be missed as it won't be around for much longer! However it's not too late to still get involved. You can still attend any of the workshops we have running and you can also receive one-to-one business support in the following areas:

Marketing Plans, Business Plans, Case Studies/Press Releases, Photography, Videography, *Website Design, Graphic Design, Packaging


*Please note that web design is only available if you do not yet have a website.


Every SIAFS member is entitled to 12 hours of free assist time. If you are interested in receiving support in any of the above topics, please get in touch. Details can be found on the Contact Us page.


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