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Fera Science Voucher Scheme

The SIAFS voucher scheme allows businesses to receive specific help through accessing Fera's facilities and specialist equipment. The vouchers are for £2k or £5k and are fully funded.

Fera Science Ltd specialise in Food Safety testing. With the voucher scheme, you can access Fera's services with a voucher up the the value of £5k with no financial contribution. 

To apply, please register for SIAFS here. A Business Development Manager from Fera Science Ltd will then call you to discuss your business needs and to complete your application. 

The vouchers can be used for:

Alcohol Testing

Shelf-Life Testing

Food Packaging Analysis
Fera are experts in policy and legislation in this area as well as in analysis of migrating substances from these materials or articles.

Authenticity - Manuka Honey & Honey
Fera offers a range of analytical services to the honey industry to support legitimate labelling claims and help protect the consumer from food threats or fraud.

Proficiency Testing
Fera can test meats, cereals, fish, fruit & veg, as well as a vast amount of other products including honey and liquid vitamin supplements. Testing will give you the peace of mind and maintain the utmost confidence in your products.

Gelatine Animal Origin Analysis
Fera uses the most accurate and reliable method on the market in order to determine the species origin of a finished gelatine or gelatine-based product. This can also identify gelatine in beers. 

Detection of Chemical Contaminants (knowns & unknowns) in Food Stuffs
With a large range of testing abilities, Fera's multi-disciplinary approach gives an overall view of any food issue you may be facing, providing you with the complete information you need to make the strong decisions needed to address these issues.

Regulatory Studies for Plant Protection Products
GLP compliant testing of products to ensure plant health and product health.

Bee Ecotoxicology
Fera are at the forefront of bee testing in the UK. This service will assess the risk posed by plant protection products to bees.

GIS, Remote Sensing and UAV Services
Fera's unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is ideally suited for deployment in agriculture, forestry, quarrying, open mining and construction environments. They offer tailored solutions using our extensive experience in photogrammetry, image processing and image/GIS analysis to satisfy specific client requirements. 

Plant Pathology and Disease Management
Expertise in control of diseases of agricultural, horticultural and tree health importance, to support sustainable crop production and protetion of the environment from disease threats.

Insect Monitoring Service
This service can be used for Oil Seed Rape, Seed Potato, Carrot, Salad & Pea Growers to mitigate insect risks.

Pest & Disease Diagnostic Service
Fera offer the most comprehensive range of testing services for all sectors throughout the supply chain.

OriGen 'Traceback' Service - Foodborne Pathogen Detection
Fera offers a range of analytical services to the food industry to support contamination incidents and product recalls.

Chemical Surveillance of Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines
Food producers are responsible for the safety and quality of their products. To protect your business and minimise the risk of negative health impacts, you need to comply with the relevant guidelines and standards for minimising levels of harmful pesticides in the food chain and the environment. Fera's service gives you the confidence that we will provide you with reliable, accurate testing results, ensuring the quality and safety of your products and processes and ultimately safeguarding the image of your brand. 

HorizonScan - online alerting system of increasing and emerging global food issues
HorizonScan has the coverage you need to monitor global issues and trends across an increasingly international food supply chain.

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