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Fera Science Voucher Scheme

The SIAFS voucher scheme allows businesses to receive specific help through accessing Fera's facilities and specialist equipment. The vouchers are for £2k or £5k and are fully funded.

Fera Science Ltd specialise in Food Safety testing. Through our voucher scheme, you can access Fera's services with a voucher up the the value of £5k with no financial contribution. 

To apply, please register for SIAFS here. A Business Development Manager from Fera Science Ltd will then call you to discuss your business needs and to complete your application. 

The vouchers can be used for a range of testing services, including (but not limited to):

Alcohol Testing

Shelf-Life Testing

Food Packaging Analysis

Food Labelling Advice

Gluten Testing

Nutritional Testing

Colour & Bitterness of Beer

Sulphite Testing

Methanol Testing of Spirits

SALSA and HACCP advice

Allergen Management

Water activity of products

Speciation of Meat, Age of Meat, Quality of Meat

Authenticity Testing - Manuka Honey & Honey

Proficiency Testing

Gelatine Animal Origin Analysis

Detection of Chemical Contaminants (knowns & unknowns) in Food Stuffs

GIS, Remote Sensing and UAV Services

Plant Pathology and Disease Management

Insect Monitoring Service

Pest & Disease Diagnostic Service

OriGen 'Traceback' Service - Foodborne Pathogen Detection

For more information about Fera's Services please click here.


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